Data-Driven Improvement of Software Quality with Markus Harrer


  2 days


Want to learn how to use data-driven software analyses to provide information for decisions on further developing your software systems?

This interactive workshop offers you a complete introduction to the topic of Software Analytics. Get to know the methodology, procedures, and tools to perform independent and comprehensible data analyses in software development!

In this workshop, we’ll analyze software systems and surrounding processes as well as teams to uncover weaknesses in development and operation—solely based on data. As a foundation, we’ll use best practices and methodologies from the area of data science.

Data-Driven Improvement of Software Quality with Markus Harper

We’ll use open-source tools for our analyses. With this approach, you can continue to use the same tools free of charge after the workshop. Due to the large community behind them, you’ll have a wealth of tips and further knowledge at your disposal for your very own analyses!

This course will be offered virtually over 2 half‑day sessions of 3 hours each (including a half an hour break).

This course is a live, real-time workshop offered in an intimate virtual classroom — where you will learn directly from Markus.

There will be plenty of time to ask questions, dig into the concepts and ensure you're learning skills that are relevant to your projects.

This class utilises both Zoom, Miro and Slack.

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Learn how to:

  • Use standard tools from the fields of data science for the analysis of software data.
  • Identify problems in software development in a data-driven, systematic and structured way.
  • Derive actionable conclusions from analysis results.
  • Communicate analyses and insights that are also understandable to non-technical people.
  • Make more informed decisions in the future! Provide information that is not pulled out of thin air but based on actual figures, data, and facts.
  • Systematically keep track of your systems! Being able to analyze software comprehensively and automated is essential for today’s system landscapes' sustainable evolution.
  • Apply your acquired knowledge also outside of software development! Move your company forward with your data-oriented analyses in other areas as well.

About the Author

Markus Harrer

Markus Harrer is a software engineer who’s passionate about improving the way we do software development. He specializes in the analysis of software data such as source code, application performance data or version control repositories to show the underlying problems of the symptoms we face on the surface. He is an active contributor in communities on the topics of Software Analytics, software architecture, software modernization and Java. He is also an accredited trainer for the iSAQB Foundation Level and the Advanced Level Module IMPROVE.

Available dates

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Who should take this course?

Software developers, software architects, and anyone who ever wanted to analyze data and has at least basic experience with software development.


You should have a basic understanding of a programming language (variables, methods, loops, assignments, etc.).

Course Outline

Modules that this course will cover:
  • Introduction to Software Analytics
    • Data sources for analyses in software development
    • Challenges while analyzing software data
  • Introduction to Reproducible Data Science
    • Data analysis with Jupyter, Python, pandas & Co.
    • Outlook on graph-based software analysis and machine learning on code
  • Interactive, hands-on projects and katas

Data-Driven Improvement of Software Quality with Markus Harrer
Dates coming soon