Peter Bailey

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ML Engineering Lead, Search & Recommendations

Dr Peter Bailey is the ML Lead for Search and Recommendations at Canva. He has worked in a range of organisations, from academia to industrial research labs, from startups and consulting to Microsoft. He is a co-author of numerous scientific papers and co-inventor of a number of patents. He is the co-creator of several widely used datasets, including WT10g, CERC, UQV100, and CRD3. While at Microsoft, in addition to his applied scientist and manager roles and responsibilities, he was a member of its AETHER Committee's Fairness and Inclusiveness working group from 2018 through 2021. He is a Senior Member of the Association for Computing Machinery, and contributes regularly to program committees for conferences in the information retrieval community. He has the most fun learning and working in small teams creating new systems at the intersection of language, data and search.

Follow Peter on LinkedIn @peter-bailey-0b74aa or on Twitter at @peterrbailey.

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Talks I've Given