Evolution and Improvement of Software Architectures with Markus Harrer

23rd November 2022   3 days

English   Online Workshop

€2100.00 €1890.00

Software architecture affects all members of a project and is intended to have a long operational life span.

Improvements to the software architecture are therefore frequently required, whether as a result of new requirements or technological advances.

In this workshop we consider the analysis of the existing software architecture, the identification of solution approaches, and the implementation of improvements.

Software Architecture – Methodological Basis Including iSAQB CPSA-F Certification with Markus Harrer

This course will be offered virtually over 3 full‑day sessions of 8 hours each (including breaks).

This course is a live, real-time workshop offered in an intimate virtual classroom — where you will learn directly from Markus.

There will be plenty of time to ask questions, dig into the concepts and ensure you're learning skills that are relevant to your architecture projects.

This class utilises Zoom and Miro.

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Learn how to:

  • Learn practical analysis and improvement methods.
  • Recipes for structural improvements.
  • Align measures with architectural goals.
  • Be able to undertake scenario- or metric-based evaluations.
  • Align measures with architectural goals.
  • Knowledgeably classify modern approaches.
  • Know typical approaches for improvement.
  • Assess risks, costs, and benefits.

About the Author

Markus Harrer

Markus Harrer is a software engineer who’s passionate about improving the way we do software development. He specializes in the analysis of software data such as source code, application performance data or version control repositories to show the underlying problems of the symptoms we face on the surface. He is an active contributor in communities on the topics of Software Analytics, software architecture, software modernization and Java. He is also an accredited trainer for the iSAQB Foundation Level and the Advanced Level Module IMPROVE.

Available dates

Starts at 8:00 AM BST (8:00 AM UTC)

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Who should take this workshop?

Software developers, software architects, and anyone who ever wanted to analyze data and has at least basic experience with software development.


This training is aimed at software developers and architects who want to improve existing systems in a targeted way. You already have practical experience in software architecture and development. Knowledge of a specific technology or programming language is not required.

Workshop Outline

Modules that this course will cover:
  • Introduction and motivation: Legacy and technical debt.
  • Learn how to use practical analysis methods.
  • Scenario and metric-based evaluation.
  • Typical improvement approaches.
  • Focusing: Aligning measures with architectural goals.
  • Structural improvement: Recipes for refactoring.
  • Learn to estimate and evaluate problems and solutions: Assess risks, costs, and benefits.

Evolution and Improvement of Software Architectures with Markus Harrer
3 days
Online Workshop
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8:00 AM BST
€2100.00 €1890.00
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